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OpenThreads is a project status tracking system allowing Project Managers communicate seamlessly with their teams and clients for efficient and hassle-free project deliveries.

A thread is referred to a deliverable with multiple intermediary checkpoints called knots. A planned start date and end date is referred to the two end points on top and bottom of the thread.

Knots are intermediary checkpoints of a thread referring to a deliverable.

A dependency is anything that is required by the Project Manager to complete a knot as per the planned date. Any delay in dependency by the required stakeholder can result in delay of the deliverable or in planned finish of the knot.

The client can view the threads and/or knots and can ask a query to the Project Manager in case he/she has any.

A project manager can share the URL with the client along with a 4 - digit pin using which the latter can always access the threads of the projects and therefore, the current status of the project.

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